Studentalpha in English language


The course is given in Dutch but if there are enough english talking students, the course will be given in English to. So if you doubt to do the course contact to us. Then we know how many English students there are interested to do the course. And can decide to do the course also in English.

( contact us by e-mail or facebook: studentalphadeventer)

What is studentalpha about?

By Studentalpha, all kinds of young people coming together 7 evenings to talk about: Is there more? It is an introductory course about the Christian faith. Student Alpha consists of 7 evenings, starting with a pleasant meal, from 18.30. Following a lead speaker a theme (see program) and we go talk about it together.

People come for different reasons to Student Alpha. One is curious to believe another will (re) consider the basis of the Christian faith. Student Alpha is a place where no question is too simple or is seen to be threatening. All opinions are respected. Also you can share your questions in complete freedom, or things you bump into in life – uncertainties in the work, struggles in relationships, disease, and so on.

Program course:

Date Subject Location
Monday 6 march Première avond: Is there more between heaven and exam? (This is not part of the course)
Let op  20:00 more info click here
De ontmoeting
(Nieuwstraat 19-21) Deventer
Monday 13 maart Who is Jesus?  De ontmoeting
Monday 20 maart Why did Jesus die?  De ontmoeting
Monday 27 march How can I have faith?  De ontmoeting
Monday 3 april pray: why and how?  De ontmoeting
Monday 10 april Reading the bible: why and how?  De ontmoeting
Monday 24 april How does God lead us?  De ontmoeting
Monday 1 mei Free theme choice   De ontmoeting
Saterday 6 mei-7 mei Who is the Holy Spirit?
What is the Holy Spirit doing?
How can I be fulfilled with the Holy Spirit?



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